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Company Profile Statement

The BIRO® Manufacturing Company established in 1921, is an Ohio, USA corporation, with three manufacturing/assembly plants.  BIRO designs, manufactures, and markets safe, durable, and reliable power operated, stainless steel, food and meat processing machinery.  BIRO is committed to satisfy specific needs of all segments of the food and meat industry: food retail stores, food service, and food processing,

including portion control and seafood processing operations.

 BIRO's product line includes a broad selection of models and variations of Power Saws, Tenderizers/Knitters, Cubers, Strip Cutters, Horizontal High Speed Meat Slicers, Deli/Meat Slicers, Grinders, Mixer/Grinders, Marinating Vacuum Tumblers, and Food/Patty Formers.

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