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The Story of Biro Manufacturing


     Carl G. Biro, Sr. was an American immigrant who founded the seedling company of BIRO® Manufacturing in the early 1920's. Carl had a humble beginning as the son of a local blacksmith in his native country of Hungary. After settling in America, Carl became an apprentice who attended technical school at night and on the weekends.

     Eventually, Carl became the proprietor of his own meat market. During his proprietorship, he realized the need for a practical machine which would cut meat more effectively. Thus, in 1921, unable to ignore his ambitions of creating a practical meat cutter, Carl decided to dispose of his meat market so that he could devote more time to his concept. He leased an old church and used the equipment which was available and affordable at the time to pursue his "American Dream" and produce the first BIRO® Power Meat, Fish and Bone Cutter.

     In time, Carl's machine gained national as well as international recognition and acceptance. Biro's leadership in the meat cutting industry was unmistakably established. In order to keep up with the growing product demand, BIRO® Manufacturing moved from the leased church building to a small but modern factory building. This establishment has grown to be the facility which now houses our corporate headquarters.

     Today, The BIRO® Manufacturing Company markets: meat saws, tenderizers, meat grinders, vacuum tumblers, horizontal slicers, and other meat processing machinery. This equipment is used in the United States and throughout the world.

     Those involved in The BIRO® Manufacturing Corporation today strive for progress towards a still more advanced product and to gain a greater measure of goodwill and respect from those who deal with it.


First meat, fish, and bone cutter in early 1920s.

Biro Philosophy

BIRO ENGINEERING & DESIGN:  Our concept is for optimum performance and efficiency with safety and sanitation as our priority in the design process.  We specialize in being able to modify our machines to meet your requirements.

BIRO MACHINESOur concept of a "better buy" for the customer is not only based on initial acquisition cost but more importantly... machines built to last longer.  There's increased productivity throughout the machine's life because of less down time.

BIRO PARTS:  The customer will realize lower maintenance costs with reasonably priced parts, less frequent replacement requirements, thus less labor needed.  The quality of a BIRO part in relation to cost is the most competitive in the industry.

BIRO TECHNICAL SERVICE:  The end users will benefit from highly motivated, independently owned, authorized sales and service distributors worldwide.  These distributors have the benefit of factory training and technical staff support.

BIRO CUSTOMER SERVICEWith the cooperation of all our employees, we will continue to strive to build long standing relationships with our valued customers by providing responsive customer service.

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